Proof that Wisdom Comes with Age: My Journey from McCormick Vodka to Johnnie Walker Blue Label

I have trouble recalling the exact moment I fell in love with Scotch Whisky, but I believe it was sometime in the winter of 2003.  I don’t know if my taste buds were evolving, or if they were simply damaged from my college years of drinking cheap rum and vodka, but all of a sudden Scotch was a new obsession.  I started off with Johnnie Walker Red and slowly moved to the more complex single-malts as money became less of a concern.  The first single malt I ever purchased was Oban, and I still have the box today (modified as a piggy bank).  Over the years I sampled more and more whisky and began developing a discerning palate.  I can usually tell which region of Scotland the Scotch is from and have put together a long list of likes and dislikes.  For a Christmas present this year Brie purchased a lovely bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label (pictured) for me to enjoy.  This follows last year’s bottle of Gold Label.  She definitely knows what I love!

I will post more Scotch tastings in the future and will also write something about my other love: Irish Whiskey

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