Pan Grilled Strip Steak with Spicy Dandelion Greens and Quinoa


We don’t eat beef very often but every now and then I crave steak.  This NY strip steak in particular weighed in at over a pound and was nearly 2 inches thick.  A quick rub with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil and it was ready to go.

Method:  Oven heated to 450 degrees along with our Le Creuset grill pan Le Creuset Square Skillet Grill Pan.  Once hot, the steak was placed on the hot pan and cooked, flipping and rotating every 5-6 minutes to get the grill marks.  Cook until internal temperature reaches 135F or more (I like medium rare).  Rest for 5 minutes and slice/cut as needed.

I served this on top of a bed of spiced dandelion greens made with onions, garlic, and red pepper flake.  At the very end I tossed in a few golden grape tomatoes and a few drops of 14 year old balsamic vinegar for brightness.

The quinoa was made with chicken stock and topped with a blend of oregano, basil, and pepper.

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