The Beers of Colorado, How I Miss You

While the availability of fine Belgian beers out here on the East Coast is truly impressive, I do miss the daily drinkers that are the Colorado microbrews.  Having spent a good part of my formative years in Fort Collins, my love of the microbrew is understandable.  After all, Fort Collins is home to two of my favorite breweries in the U.S.:  New Belgium Brewing Company and Odell Brewing Company.

New Belgium Brewing Company:  A classic Colorado brewery that has not sold it’s soul like the monstrosity that resides in Golden.  Some of my favorites over the years have included:

1554 Black Ale – One of my favorite beers from NB.  A great everyday drinker!
Abbey Ale
Abbey Ale Grand Cru – My favorite NB beer, which unfortunately is very hard to find and oftentimes not available at all.
Sunshine Wheat
Frambozen – A meal in a bottle.  Rich, red, and like liquid velvet.

Odell Brewing Company:  Lesser known, but producing some fantastic beers.  Some of my favorites include:

Easy Street Wheat
90 Shilling Ale
Isolation Ale

I have been lucky enough to sample some delicious beers while being in NYC, but these two Colorado Brewers make me long for delicious beer at a great price.