01/26/10 – Door to Door Organics Delivery

This week’s box is absolutely gorgeous.  It has the following goodies in it:

1 bunch Red Beets
1 bunch Kale
1 head Romaine Lettuce
4 – Roma Tomatoes
6 – Gala Apples
2 lbs Bananas
1.5 lbs Purple Potatoes
1 bunch – Broccoli
1 lb Carrots
4 heads of Baby Bok Choy
6 – Bosc Pears
4 – Sunburst Squash
2 – Avocados
6 – Valencia Oranges

The bok choy and broccoli is destined for stir-fry sometime this week, and let us see how creative I can get with the remaining ingredients.

01/19/10 – Door to Door Organics Delivery

This week’s items include:

6 – zucchini squash
1 – bunch green chard
1 – head green leaf lettuce
1 lb carrots
2 lbs bananas
6 – navel oranges
1 – firm tofu
6 – golden delicious apples
1 – TINY melon
1 – bunch parsley
3 – lemons
1 – large yam
4 – Roma tomatoes
5 – purple potatoes

I think I will make a marinara sauce tonight and then maybe stir in sautéed spinach.  Perhaps a side of sautéed zucchini?

Sushi of Gari 46 – NYC

Sushi Gari 46

I had to add this photo for the simple reason it makes me hungry every time I see it!  And to think that just a few years ago I wouldn’t even think about eating raw fish.  I blame my Zoology degree and deep understanding of zoonotic diseases.  It’s hard to eat something when you know it could spawn some sort of intestinal worm inside of you.  Our friends Mike and Ian were in town and we all decided it was time to go out and have some quality sushi.  Everything at Sushi Gari was perfect, minus the moment that the manager realized that we were done and started saying, “OK, you go now, clear table, more customer behind you!”

A sampling of the items we ordered:

Negi Toro

Eel Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spanish Mackeral

If you are ever in town and are looking for a great sushi restaurant, look no further.

Door to Door Organics Delivery

The weekly delivery of organic fruits and vegetables has come in. Now to create some meals from the following items:

1 – head red-leaf lettuce
6 – mandarin oranges
5 – red bartlett pears
6 – naval oranges
2lbs bananas
2 – cucumbers
1 – bunch spinach
1 – bunch scallions
6 – red delicious apples
2 – avocados
1lb carrots
1 – butternut squash