Valhalla NYC, Now Serving Food!

It’s been in the works for months, but as of this past Monday Valhalla is now serving food.  While I am sad that we can no longer bring in our own snacks, or a Sacco’s pizza, the obvious benefit is having everything under one roof.

The Offerings:

Bratwurst –  They have a spicy cheddar, pork, and chicken brat available by itself, or with a “platter” of sauerkraut, red cabbage, gherkin, and german potato salad.  We tried the Valhalla Bratwurst Platter (the spicy cheddar wurst) which is mildly spicy, with hot bubbling cheese and a fantastic texture.  I loved the snap of the casing!  The bratwurst was hidden inside of a roll (see photo below), which turned out to just be way too much bread.  Once I removed half the bread it was perfect.  Also, the side dishes in the platter were all well done.  The standouts are the potato salad and gherkin, which both take me back to Germany.  All for $10.

Pretzels –  Not your typical street corner pretzel, but the Bavarian style served with some spicy mustard.  They are served warm, moderately covered in salt, and had a nice outer part with a wonderfully chewy center.  $3, or 2 for $5.

Dried Sausage – Served in a compressed “stick” style with spicy mustard.  This was awesome.  It reminded me of a BiFi that I would get at gas stations in Germany, but it was even better.  Probably because it was much fresher!  $3, or 2 for $5.

Gherkin – German pickles  $1

With this bounty I was drinking 500mL glasses of Bitburger.  Fitting, eh?

The photo.  I apologize for its lack of clarity, but it was taken with my iPhone in a low-light setting: